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Khalid Khan Friday, March 18, 2022

Codiga Documentation is now Open Source



Khalid Khan, Developer Relations Engineer

Khalid is the Developer Relations Engineer at Codiga. He is passionate about Software Engineering. Startups and Developer Advocacy. He is also an MLH Coach and Organizer & Member to numerous Hackathons & Developer communities

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We at Codiga strongly believe that open source is a great path for motivation, and learning. Keeping this in mind most of our products i.e. VS-Code Plugin, JetBrains Plugin & Chrome Extension are already open source. Keeping with the legacy, we are now open-sourcing our documentation website. I.e. The website has all the information about our product. Contributors can now have a look and contribute to our open-source projects.

Why we open-sourced many of our projects?

As said before, Open Source is a motivation, and we want the best developers to share their ideas. The ideas that can change the world. Users' contribution to our projects will lead to the development of the product and expand the ways for the developers to understand our product with much more transparency.

We are open to both code and non-code contributions that can impact the open-source community.

Codiga open source project to contribute to:

  1. The project

This repository is for our official Documentation of Codiga. The website contains all the information related to our different products. All the docs are written in markdown and are fetched by the website. The documentation website is based on Docusaurus + Chakra UI Customization. We have also used Algolia for search.

  1. Codiga Chrome Extention

Codiga Chrome Extention provides two main functionalities:

  • Coding Assistant: import or create reusable code blocks based on your context.
  • Code Analysis: no-configuration code analysis for 12+ languages for Jupyter and GitHub.
  1. Codiga VS Code Plugin

The Codiga VS Code Extension lets you integrate the Coding Assistant and Code Analysis engine directly in VS Code. There is no need to install multiple tools or wait for the pull requests: all analysis results come now in your development environment.

  1. Codiga Jetbrains Plugin

Codiga for Jetbrains lets you use any coding assistant recipes, create recipes and analyze your code in real-time in your IDE as you write code. Our plugin works for all Jetbrains-based products.

  1. The Project

Code snippets are code blocks you can share and reuse yourself. This website lets you find code snippets on the go. You can search, share & comment on the code snippets.

We will be adding more projects here

How to contribute to Codiga Open Source Projects?

Have a look at the projects and identify changes and problems you feel you can work on. Alternatively, you can go to the issues section on GitHub and find issues you think can be solved. You can find details about how to work on Github Open source projects on Github Documentation.

Thank you for using our product.

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