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Smart Code Snippets JetBrains/IntelliJ

Find code snippets without having to leave your Jetbrains IDE with Codiga’s Smart Code Snippets

Code snippets are widely used by many developers as a way to save them time and speed up their work. These reusable blocks of code can form the basis of just about any project, but sourcing them can be time-consuming and may leave you with an outdated or defective code snippet At Codiga, we have taken code snippets to the next level by introducing Smart Code Snippets on our Coding Assistant tool.

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Using Smart Code Snippets in JetBrains/IntelliJ

Our Smart Code Snippets tool can be on JetBrains using our IDE plugin. For more on how to install the Codiga IntelliJ plugin, see our step-by-step guide here.

Once you have installed the plugin, all of the capabilities of Smart Code Snippets are easily accessed directly within the IntelliJ/JetBrains environment. There, you can then add, search, find and use Smart Code Snippets without having to navigate across multiple IDEs.

Smart Code Snippets search in JetBrains

Codiga’s JetBrains/IntelliJ Plugin allows you to find an existing Smart Code Snippet that will populate in your IntelliJ workspace in a matter of seconds.

Use the quick search box by using CMD/CTRL+ ALT + C or search using the Codiga tool window to search for snippets. Just enter the keywords you are looking for and find the snippet that fits your needs.

Using shortcuts in JetBrains

When using our Smart Code Snippet tool in your JetBrains/IntelliJ workspace, you can populate a code snippet using a shortcuts.

A shortcut it a small sequence of text that is used to trigger the snippet. Type the . character followed by the shortcut you want to use.

In the video below, the bootstrap.css shortcut is used.

Create and Share Smart Code Snippets in JetBrains

Creating snippets from your IDE has never been easier! Select the code you want to use, right click and select Create Codiga Snippet.

Parameterize Smart Code Snippets for JetBrains

When you create code snippets, you can parameterize them with user-variables. These user variables are then replaced by the user when inserting the snippet to ensure the right variables or values are being used.

Smart Code Snippets on IntelliJ can take your productivity to new heights. Having a growing library of Smart Code Snippets at your disposal and ready to populate within your IDE will mean you never write the same piece of code twice. Want to start using Smart Code Snippets? Download the Codiga Jetbrains Plugin now or reach out to us on Discord!

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