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DeepSource vs. Codiga

Judge yourself what is right code analysis platform for you

About Codiga

Codiga is a code analysis platform and a coding assistant that helps developers write better code, faster. Codiga automates your code reviews on GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket in seconds.

Codiga is an easy-to-use platform that provides results in seconds. Codiga focuses on a great user experience with the latest, state-of-the art static analyzers, a great user experience and a support present 24/7 on Slack and email.

About DeepSource

DeepSource is a code analysis platform and code review automation that supports 11 languages. The platform also provides automatic code formatters and autofix.

DeepSource limitations

Limited language support. One of the main issues with DeepSource is that it only supports a limited number of programming languages. Currently, DeepSource supports Python, JavaScript, Go, Java, and Ruby. While these languages are commonly used, they do not cover the entire spectrum of programming languages. This can be a significant limitation for organizations that use multiple languages in their codebase.

High false positive rate. Another potential issue with DeepSource is that it can have a high false positive rate. This means that it may flag a large number of issues that are not actually problems in your code. This can be frustrating for developers, who must spend time and effort sifting through false positives to find real issues.

Limited customization options. DeepSource has limited customization options compared to other code analysis tools. It does not allow users to define their own custom rules or patterns, which can be useful for identifying specific issues in your codebase. This can make it difficult to use DeepSource to search for specific types of issues that are relevant to your project.


$30 per dev/month$14 per dev/month
GitHub SupportYesYes
GitLab SupportYesYes
Bitbucket SupportYesYes
Circle CI IntegrationNoYes
AWS CodeBuildNoYes
Jenkins IntegrationNoYes
Pull Requests
Automated Code ReviewsYesYes
Analysis Engine
Number of Languages1012
IDE supportNoYes
Custom rulesNoYes
Code DuplicatesNoYes
Code ComplexityNoYes
Code LengthNoYes
Secret ScanningYesYes
Slack IntegrationYesYes
Email NotificationNoYes
Premium supportYesYes

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