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SonarCloud vs Codiga

Codiga offers a rich user-experience and easy to configure code analysis engine. We listed a comprehensive list of differences between both platforms.

About Codiga

At Codiga we’re confident we offer a more robust and useful suite of features than other tools for software engineers on the market, so here's a quick breakdown of how we compare to a couple of other platforms. Codiga is the latest generation of code analysis tool. It analyzes your code, highlights coding errors according to their category and severity. Get insights on your code base and filter the most critical coding issues within seconds.

About SonarCloud

SonarCloud is the cloud-based code analysis platform from SonarCloud. It offers basic code analysis features with automated code reviews.


Per line of code$14 per dev/month
GitHub SupportYesYes
GitLab SupportYesYes
Bitbucket SupportYesYes
Circle CI IntegrationNoYes
AWS CodeBuildNoYes
Jenkins IntegrationNoYes
Pull Requests
Automated Code ReviewsYesYes
Analysis Engine
Number of Languages2412
Code DuplicatesYesYes
Code ComplexityNoYes
Secret ScanningYesYes
Slack IntegrationNoYes
Email NotificationYesYes
Premium supportNoYes