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Custom Rules

Create and uses custom analysis rules in your IDE and CI/CD pipeline

Code Analysis

Get insights on your code base and filter the most critical coding issues within seconds.

Automated Code Reviews

Get feedback within seconds, not hours. Our Average analysis time is around 15 seconds.

Support through Slack

Slack channels support.

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Custom Code Analysis Rules, Coding Assistant, Automated Code Reviews and Code Analysis for your team.

Public and private repositories

Fined-grained access control. Shared private code analysis rules and code snippets with your team.

Dedicated code analysis pipelines

Dedicated code analysis instances.

Dedicated Slack and Email Support

Dedicated Slack channel for your team and email address with resolution in less than 24 hours.

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Code Analysis and Code Review

Unlimited Public Repositories
Unlimited Private Repositories
Multi-branches Analysis
Automated Code Reviews
Team Performance Analysis
Integration with CI/CD Pipelines
15+ Languages with 2000+ Analysis Rules
Dependency Scanning
Leaked Secrets Scanning
Code Duplicate Detection
Code Complexity Analysis
Slack Integration
Trial Support and Training
Community Support
Dedicated Support

Coding Assistant

Unlimited Public Snippets
Unlimited Private Snippets
Private Snippets Sharing
VS Code Integration
JetBrains/IntelliJ Integration
Codiga Hub (explore)

Cost-Savings Estimates

Codiga saves at least 3H per engineer per month. Estimate cost savings for your team.

Time Saved (Hours/Month)



using codiga



saved monthly



per month*

* based on a $180K salary per year.

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