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Affiliate Program

Generate revenue using your existing activities while helping developers ship better code.

What is the Codiga affiliate program?

The Codiga affiliate program is designed to give back to consultants, developers or influencers that recommend Codiga. For each user that converts into a paid customer, Codiga gives back a share of the revenue to you. There is no time limit and you earn a share of the revenue for the lifetime of the new user.

How does it work?

  1. You apply for the affiliate program. We will send you a notification if you are accepted into the affiliate program.
  2. We assign you a discount code for users to take a membership on Codiga.Users you bring have a 10% discount for six months and you get between 20% and 30% of our revenue.
  3. You promote Codiga and earn money each month for each subscriber that signs up and takes a membership using your code.
  4. Each month, we give you earnings from your affiliates that have an active membership.
affiliate program example


You recommend Codiga to a team in “GreatCompany” that has 50 developers. “GreatCompany” signs up on Codiga, loves the product, and takes a membership at $14 per developer per month (=$700 per month). If the revenue share is 20%, the affiliate will earn $140 per month ($1680 per year).

Then, “GreatCompany” wants to bring Codiga to another team within their company. Another team of 50 developers signed up , and “GreatCompany” now spends $1400 per month. The affiliate will then get $280 per month ($3360 per year) in total.

The affiliate will keep getting $280 every month until“GreatCompany” cancels their subscription.

Note that this example is based on a 20% revenue share. The exact revenue share may be higher or lower depending on the exact reach of the affiliate.

How much an affiliate can make






No time limit

Frequently Asked Questions

Apply to the Affiliate Program

Please follow the form if you want to apply as a Codiga Affiliate.