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Static Code Analysis

The best static code analysis engine

  • Predefined rules for OWASP10, SANS-CWE525 and more
  • Extend and create static code analysis rules for Python (Beta)
  • Works in IDE and CI/CD
  • Support 12+ languages
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static code analysis
Codiga work everywhere

Works everywhere

Codiga reports code violations in your IDE in milliseconds. Codiga works in your CI/CD pipeline and reports errors at every code changes in seconds. Codiga static code analysis works on VS Code, JetBrains, VisualStudio, GitHub, Gitlab and Bitbucket.


Create your code analysis rules

Creating a code analysis rule from your browser or favorite IDE takes less than 5 minutes. New rules are instantly usable in your IDE or CI/CD pipeline.

Test Rule in Codiga Playground

create your own rules
code review in seconds not minutes

Code reviews in seconds, not minutes

Get real-time feedback faster! Lightning fast feedback on each code reviews that highlight bugs, security, and maintainability issues within seconds.

For GitHubFor GitLabFor BitBucket

Codiga in the Software Development Life Cycle

Codiga offers a birds-eye view of your code quality. The Codiga dashboard reports all important metrics about your code quality, showing the overall number of code violations, duplicates long and complex functions.

cursor.execute("SELECT * FROM users WHERE1,1 to 1,70: Do not useformat string in MySQLqueries, it leads to SQLinjections

Step 1
Write software in your IDE

Codiga detects issues in real-time in your IDE and suggests fixes.

Supported IDE's
Git Hook SuccessCode meets qualitystandards.Code does not meet quality standards.Git Hooks Error

Step 2
git hooks

Codiga checks your code before pushing to avoid pushing a branch if there are outstanding issues.

Code safe to deploy.SuccessCode not safe to deploy.Error

Step 3
Code review checks

Codiga analyzes each pull request, flags any code violations, duplicate, long or complex function.

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The code was deployedsuccessfully.Deploy

Step 4
Code in production

Codiga has the historical analysis of all errors for each commit of your code.

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Works in every CI/CD pipeline

Codiga works with GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket. Log into Codiga, import a repository and get instant feedback at each pull request.

You can integrate Codiga with any CI/CD provider. Codiga officially supports GitHub Actions, Circle CI, AWS CodeBuild and provides tools to integrate with custom pipelines.

works in every ci/cd pipeline
check for the most popular vulnerabilities.

Find Software Vulnerabilities

Codiga Static Code Analysis find critical application vulnerabilities, such as Mitre CWE, SANS CWE Top 25 and OWASP Top 10. Codiga suggests fixes when possible, finding and fixing vulnerabilities in seconds as developers write code.

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Git Hook Support

With Git hooks, check your code before pushing it. Any errors introduced in the new code is detected and flagged by Codiga. Developers must fix errors before pushing code to their repository, saving time in code review and avoiding rework.

codiag githooks support.

Monitor your code quality score

Codiga offers a birds-eye view of your code quality. The Codiga dashboard reports all essential metrics about your code quality, showing the overall number of code violations, duplicates long and complex functions.

The analysis view lets you navigate into the source code and inspect where issues are located in the codebase.

Codiga code analysis dashboard with project analytics and reports

Code Metrics made easy

Codiga goes beyond reporting violations and reports code metrics that help you make your codebase easier to understand and maintain. Codiga reports the following code metrics.

Any large code duplication is automatically flagged so that your engineer can refactor code and avoid code duplication.

Complex Functions
All functions with high cyclomatic complexity.

Long Functions
All functions that are longer than a fixed number of lines are flagged.

code metrics made easy
dependency scanning

Dependency scanning

Configure, scan, and detect outdated dependencies in your code for the most popular languages. Find outdated dependencies and alerts when your dependencies need to be updated.

Works in your IDE

Works in your source code repo

We support the most popular languages and libraries

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