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Customizable static code analysis that works in your IDE, CI/CD pipelines and more

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Static Code Analysis

Use rules from the Codiga Hub and design your own static code analysis rules in 5 minutes. Codiga static code analysis works in VS Code, JetBrains, VisualStudio, GitHub, Gitlab and Bitbucket.

codiga code analysis annotations

    Works everywhere from your IDE to CI/CD

    VS Code, JetBrains, VisualStudio, GitHub, Gitlab and Bitbucket.

    Autofix code

    Fix vulnerabilities and coding issues in a click


    Instantaneous code analysis with fixes in your IDE


    OWASP 10, MITRE CWE, Sans/CWE Top 25: we got you covered.

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Quick Start

Step 1 Copy and run this command in your project's root directory

1npx @codiga/cli@latest ruleset-add

* Requires Node.js installed. If you do not have Node.js, follow our Getting Started documentation or our manual setup.

Step 2 Install a Codiga IDE plugin to view violations in your IDE

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Codiga in the Software Development Life Cycle

Codiga offers a birds-eye view of your code quality. The Codiga dashboard reports all important metrics about your code quality, showing the overall number of code violations, duplicates long and complex functions.

cursor.execute("SELECT * FROM users WHERE1,1 to 1,70: Do not useformat string in MySQLqueries, it leads to SQLinjections

Step 1
Write software in your IDE

Codiga detects issues in real-time in your IDE and suggests fixes.

Supported IDE's
Git Hook SuccessCode meets qualitystandards.Code does not meet quality standards.Git Hooks Error

Step 2
git hooks

Codiga checks your code before pushing to avoid pushing a branch if there are outstanding issues.

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Code safe to deploy.SuccessCode not safe to deploy.Error

Step 3
Code review checks

Codiga analyzes each pull request, flags any code violations, duplicate, long or complex function.

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The code was deployedsuccessfully.Deploy

Step 4
Code in production

Codiga has the historical analysis of all errors for each commit of your code.

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"An extremely useful tool"

I like how easy it is to use and the ability to use it on multiple computers. As a developer, I work in several places, and having all my snippets available is great. In addition, I also like how I can share code with others, including building up a library that we can use. Finally, having a library of available code to search through is extremely useful.

Daniel G.

Senior Web Developer

"Great automated code review"

Completely hands-free review. It all just happens in the background, and you can review the state of your code at your convenience. I prefer the cloud-based approach compared to a local installation of a code format tool, as its constantly being improved without having to deal with an upgrade on your machine.

Glenn D.

VP Engineering.

"Excellent tool to boost productivity"

Codiga is a fantastic tool for automating code reviews. It helped me find ways to clean up my code that I would have never found otherwise, and it is way cheaper than its competitors.

David A.

Software Engineer.

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