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Creating a code snippet

Create, Share Smart Code Snippets

Add your own code snippets in seconds, keep them private or share them with your friends and team without leaving your developer environment.

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Import and use code snippets created by you and your teammates, or snippets created and curated by our community of developers.

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Importing a code snippet
Codiga coding assistant desktop app

Work in your desktop

All your public and private snippets and cookbooks in your desktop. Install the Codiga app for your prefered operating system.

Sharing code snippets

Share Code Snippets with your team

Add your own code snippets in seconds and share them with your friends and team without leaving your developer environment.

"We're a small engineering team, so we'll take any help we can get. Codiga has been that help for us. Not only does it aid us in improving our code during review, it also helps us keep bugs out of production. It's like having an extra Sr. Software Engineer review every pull request. I'd highly recommend it to any size team."

Ryan Rich

CTO at Haekka.com

"Having Codiga integrated into our code review and CI/CD workflows have a direct impact in our code quality, we can deliver safer, faster and better code. Code Reviews are really fast because we can be sure the code quality is good, and we can focus on reviewing functionality. Our code quality is top-notch, and our developers write better code every day."

Carlos Cardenas

VP of Engineering at Bimbau.co

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Codiga hub

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