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Smart Code Snippets for VS Code

Using Codiga’s Smart Code Snippets tool can cut down on your coding time using our VS Code plugin that brings all of our features directly to your IDE.

Finding and utilizing reusable code patterns, known as code snippets, is something every engineer practices. These building blocks of code can mitigate the need to code everything from scratch yourself which can help you get any project off the ground much quicker. At Codiga, we understand just how important code snippets are to a developer, so we have taken them up a notch by introducing Smart Code Snippets on our Coding Assistant Tool .

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Smart Code Snippets on VS Code

Our Smart Code Snippets tool can be used within the VS Code environment using the Codiga Code Snippets plug-in. For more on how to install the Codiga VS Code plugin, see our step-by-step guide here.

Once you have installed the VS Code plugin, you can then add, search, find and use Smart Code Snippets directly in the VS Code environment. This saves time having to navigate around multiple environments and

Searching Smart Code Snippets in VS Code

Codiga’s Smart Code Snippets Vs Code Plugin allows you to search for a code snippet on the VS Code interface. Use CMD + SHIFT + C (⌘⇧C) on Mac or & CTRL + ALT + C on Windows/Linux to open the code snippets search interface, enter your search query and find relevant code snippets directly within your IDE.

Snippets Shortcuts in VS Code

When using our Smart Code Snippet tool via the Coding Assistant VS Code plugin, you can populate a code snippet directly into your IDE using a few quick shortcuts.

Below is an example where a developer uses the shortcut react.function.comp. When the user types this shortcut, the snippet is proposed and the user can import the snippet directly.

Create and Share Smart Code Snippets for VS Code

Creating a smart code snippet from your IDE has never been so simple. Select the code, choose the menu option Create Codiga Snippetand you are done!

Parameterize Smart Code Snippets for VS Code

When you create code snippets, you can parameterize them with user-variables. These user variables are then replaced by the user when inserting the snippet to ensure the right variables or values are being used.

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