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Code Snippets for VS Code

Create, use and share smart code snippets with your team and all developers!

  • Create and find code snippets from your IDE
  • Make code snippets contextual for a language, file and library
  • Share private code snippets with your team
  • Access to Codiga Hub: the largest library of Code Snippets
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create smart code snippets

Create Smart Code Snippets

Creating a code snippet has never been easier. Select the code you want to share, right-click and create a snippet in your IDE or browser.

Codiga Smart Code Snippets are contextual and configurable for a language, library and specific filename pattern.

Search Smart Code Snippets

Explore and find code snippets easily in the snippet search panel for Visual Studio. Press CMD + SHIFT + C on Mac or ALT + SHIFT + C on Windows to open the snippet search and insert snippets in your IDE.

search smart code snippets
insert code snippets with shortcuts

Insert Code Snippets with Shortcuts

Start typing the shortcut you are looking for to get the snippets that match your query. A shortcut is an easy way to find and insert code snippets.

Are you always looking to insert an image in Markdown? Just type .image in a file with the .md extension to get the correct code block!

Inline Code Snippets

Start typing a comment with the keywords of your code snippet search. Codiga will suggest code snippets to insert in your IDE.

The inline code snippets insertion works like many other coding assistants. Codiga suggests Code Snippets from the Codiga Hub and private snippets you own or that have been shared with you.

inline code snippets
code snippets that match your environment

Code Snippets that match your environment

Codiga only surfaces smart code snippets that are relevant to your environment. When developers search for a snippet, Codiga issues a contextual search and surfaces snippets that match the language and libraries used.

Codiga avoids potential noise and only surfaces what your developer needs, avoiding non-relevant results and finding what they need in seconds.

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Codiga Hub: the Largest Code Snippets Library

Developers across the world share smart code snippets on the Codiga Hub. The Codiga Hub is a smart code snippet search engine where developers can share code snippets and are rewarded for their activity in the community.

With more than 10,000 code snippets shared on Codiga, developers find relevant code snippets within seconds and focus on what matters most: deliver great, maintainable code.

Explore Codiga Hub

Codiga hub

Privacy friendly

All Codiga tools are open-source, and the code can be reviewed and audited. Codiga never share any of your personal information with third-party. All your code snippets are stored securely in our infrastructure. Codiga has been audited and achieved SOC-2 Type I compliance in accordance with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) standards for SOC for Service Organizations.

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privacy friendly

"It's great product ever I use!! I highly recommend to use it. First just use it. The new coding world will be come to your work environment!!"

건재 백


"Use Codiga to perform some static analysis on different code/projects. Loved the Dashboards and the provided analysis details, as well as the integration with VSCode. Not a 5* as it doesn't cover C# for now. Will review it again when it's available 😊"

Pedro Cabral


"Amazing tool. Totally fulfills its purpose and helps a lot with productivity"

David Alemán López


Developer collaboration re-imagined

IDE integration with Visual Studio

Import and share code snippets/recipes from your IDE.

Support for 18+ languages

C, C++, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript and much more.

Unlimited public snippets

Create all the code snippets, share them with the world and make them available on the Codiga Marketplace.

Unlimited private snippets

Share code snippets with your team only.

Organization of snippets in cookbooks

Create cookbooks that organize your code snippets.

Share snippets with your team

Share private snippets with your team and make sure all developers use consistent, up to date code snippets.

We support the most popular languages and libraries

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