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Smart Code Snippets Google Chrome

Find, store and use Codiga Smart Code Snippets directly in your Chrome Web Browser

Searching online for code snippets is a common practice that every software developer uses to help speed up their work and save them time doing work that has already been done. At Codiga, we have taken code snippets to the next level by introducing Smart Code Snippets on our Coding Assistant tool.

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Using Smart Code Snippets on Google Chrome

Our Smart Code Snippets tool can be used within Google Chrome using the Codiga Chrome plugin. For more on how to install the Codiga Chrome plugin, see our step-by-step guide here.

Once you have installed the Google Chrome plugin, all of the capabilities of Smart Code Snippets are easily accessed directly within Google Chrome. There, you can then add, search, find and use Smart Code Snippets without having to leave your working environment.

Searching for a Smart Code Snippet in Google Chrome

Codiga’s Google Chrome Plugin allows you to search for a code snippet on the Chrome web interface. You need to visit developers website such as GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket or Replit to show the Codiga panel.

In the panel, enter your search terms and find the snippets you were looking for!

Create and Share Smart Code Snippet on Google Chrome

Creating Code Snippets has never been so easy! Select the code you want to use, right click and select Create Codiga Snippet.

Codiga’s Smart Code Snippets are designed to save you time by allowing you to store your own code snippets, share them with others, and find existing Smart Code Snippets that can help build your project– without having to leave your Chrome web browser. Want to start using Smart Code Snippets? Download the Google Chrome Plugin now or reach out to us on Discord!

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