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Julien Delange

Founder & CEO

Julien is a previous tech lead at Twitter and Amazon Web Services. He was also a Senior Member of the Technical Staff at the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute and a Software Engineer at the European Space Agency. Julien is the author of the book Technical Debt in Practice published by MIT Press.

Jose Romero

Full Stack Engineer

Jose has worked as a full stack software engineer for over 7 years. He is passionate about programming languages, start ups, dev tools, functional programming and algorithms. He created two big communities called Colombia Lambda and Club de Algorítmia Hispano.

Alex Martinez

Product Designer

Alex is a Sr. UX & Product Designer from Colombia, who helps to connect user needs with products and services goals in many industries. Alex has worked with many startups, agencies, and brands around the world for clients like Diageo, Mozilla, Puma, Smirnoff, Diners & IBM.

Oscar Salazar

Frontend Engineer

Oscar is a Software Engineer passionate about frontend development and creative coding, he has worked in several projects involving from video games to rich interactive experiences in different web applications. He loves studying and playing with the newest CSS features to create fantastic art.

Khalid Khan

Developer Relations Engineer

Khalid is our Developer Relations Engineer; He is passionate about Software Engineering. Startups and Developer Advocacy. He is also an MLH Coach and Organizer & member to numerous Hackathons & Developer communities

Abir Pal

Software Engineer

Abir is a curious software developer, who loves to build fullstack applications, demystify and unwind software abstractions. He is also a Major League Hacking Fellow and has won three international hackathons. He has been featured by Postman Inc, AsyncAPI Initiative, Javascript.info and also been invited as Guest Speaker at DSAILT Conference by Georgia Tech and Nvidia.

Daniel Strong

Frontend Engineer

Daniel is a passionate frontend engineer, teacher, and learner. He has worked on or led several creative projects where he's grown his leadership, management, design, and programming skills.

Deirdre O'Brien

SEO & Marketing

Deirdre is an experienced marketer and SEO expert who is passionate about creating content for everyone except herself! She previously worked as Head of Content & Publishers for a Marketing Tech Startup where she led paid and organic content strategy for a large portfolio of DTC brands.

Chewie Von Zurich

Chief Cuteness Officer

Chewie has an extensive experience making people happy through hugs, play on the beach and meeting random stranger while sharing his love for the world.

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Our vision

Help developers write better code, faster.

We are a young startup founded by engineers with 15 years of experience spanning Europe and Silicon Valley.

After many years of academic and industrial experience, and after seeing how Technical Debt can slow down or block projects, we decided to build a practical platform to help managers and developers detect defects in their code early on.

Backed by the best

They trust us and we take pride of being part of their network.

Codiga is a Techstars Boulder portfolio company. The company participates in the 2021 batch.

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