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Static Code Analysis for BitBucket

The best static code analysis engine

  • OWASP and CWE25 for GitLab
  • Support 12+ languages
  • Custom rules for your IDE and CI/CD pipeline
  • Secrets and auth key detection at each push
  • Complex and duplicated code detection
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the simplest static code analys is for BitBucket

The simplest static code analysis for Bitbucket

Install the Codiga Bitbucket app, connect your repository, and inspect your codebase on Bitbucket with the Codiga static analysis engine. Configure your rules and get feedback on your code in just a few minutes.

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Code reviews in seconds, not minutes

Get real-time feedback faster at each Pull Request! Codiga highlights bugs, security, and maintainability issues within seconds.

Get started in 5 minutes

code reviews in seconds not minutes
team statistics

Team statistics

Get statistics about your team and individual performance

  • Number of code reviews over time
  • Most common code violation
  • Most modified files that cause merge conflicts

Most loved static code analysis for GitLab

"Best tool for code management"

The best part is code suggestions on Git repository whichever code suggestions are showing there are very useful we can create methods of these in our general utilities and use it in our project for day to days functionality.

Yogesh W.

Software Automation Engineer

"Very flexible and customizable platform for static code analysis"

For our use case, Codiga it's very easy, and fast to integrate with GitHub (that's it's the platform that we're working on). In addition, the premium support that Codiga's team is offering, it's the best that we've never had! Very, very useful!

Bernat N.

Senior Developer

"Amazing Developer Experience"

Codiga's Smart Code Snippets is one of the best developer tools one can have. It does not just help in saving time by populating code snippets but also helps with creating private code snippets that can be used with the organization to maintain consistency.

Keshav M.

SDE - Security

Static Code Analysis Features

Automated Code Reviews

Lightning fast feedback on each code reviews that highlights bugs, security and maintainability issues within seconds.

Support for more than 12 languages

Support 1800+ rules across 12 languages with specific analysis for the most popular frameworks (React, Vue, Next).

Multi-branches support

Works with the most popular languages and libraries.

Dependency scanning

Find outdated dependency and alerts when your dependencies need to be updated.

OWASP and CWE support

Detection of OWASP Top 10 bugs and Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE) issues.

Detect leaked credentials

Works with the most popular languages and libraries.

Check good coding practices

Detect long functions, complex functions and duplicated code in seconds.

Code Duplicate detection

Detect when a developer duplicates code and refactor with a function.

Verify design and architecture flaws

Detect any architectural flaws in your code and get feedback in seconds.

Infrastructure security analysis

Check your code quality in CircleCI, Travis-CI, GitHub action, GitLab or any other CI pipeline tool.

CI/CD integration

Using code to deploy your infrastructure with languages such as Terraform? We detect potential security issues.

We support the most popular languages and libraries