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Influencer Program

Community is everything. At Codiga, we want to attract the most experienced developers that can give back to the community by showing good practices and helping all developers to write better code, faster. To attract these developers, we created an influencer program.

What is the influencer program?

The influencer program is dedicated to software developers with experience in a particular domain, language, and library and wants exposure to the Codiga platform. Influencers share their code snippets on the Codiga platform in cookbooks, reinforcing the platform and providing good coding patterns to Codiga users. Codiga highlights and features influencers on its platform.

Why the influencer program?

The influencer program is designed to attract the most experienced developers on the platform and help all developers to get access to good code patterns. Content from influencers is suggested to all users of the platform, improving the content and value Codiga provides to its users.

What is expected from influencers?

When an influencer joins the platform, we expect them to:

  • Create Code Snippets and Cookbooks in their domain of expertise
  • Promote the content they created on Codiga on their social media accounts
  • Update their Code Snippets and Cookbooks to make sure they are useful to the community (e.g. in case of a change in an API, framework, etc)

What do you get as an influencer?

Influencers should expect the following from Codiga:

  • Impact: we will feature and recommend your content on the Codiga platform
  • Exposure: we will write about and promote your content
  • Swag: we will send you personalized content and swag dedicated to the most influential developers on the platform.

I want to be an influencer

To apply as a Codiga influencer, please fill the following form. We will get back to you shortly.

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