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Write for Codiga

We love to hear from our community and want to reward honest and genuine feedback from our users. If you like to write an article on your blog or any other website, we would love to hear from you!

How does it work?

If you have an idea for an article connected with Codiga, we want you to write it! And even better: get rewarded for your hard work! It does not have to be about Codiga itself, it can be about related topics such as code quality, collaboration, productivity, etc. However, there needs to be a connection with Codiga and its Coding Assistant product.

Once you get an idea, send us your summary, outline as well as some information about you (LinkedIn bio, Twitter handle, website). Correspondence with Codiga, as well as the article, must be written in English. We then tell you if the article is good for us and how much we will pay for the final article. We then iterate on the final version and once done, we pay you.

Where should the article be published?

Articles can be published on news websites, personal blogs, dev.to or hashnode. It needs to be a website relevant for software engineers with regular activity and a good following.

How much do you pay?

We pay between $100 and $150 per article depending on the topic and reach.


While we strongly encourage you to promote your own article, Codiga will also sponsor your content. Once the article is published, Codiga will reference the article on its social media profiles and its newsletter.


  1. Submit an article proposal (short summary + outline ), where you will publish it, your LinkedIn URL and Twitter handle at support@codiga.io
  2. Make sure your content follows our publishing guidelines.
  3. We reply within 7 days if the article qualifies for the program and tell you how much we pay per article.
  4. Send your final article within 7 days as a Google Doc.
  5. We discuss the final version and finish within 3 days.
  6. Get paid.