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Code Analysis

Our analysis engine can be integrated anywhere developers read or write code by simply installing a plugin in your developer environment.

Code analysis, anytime, anywhere

Writing Java code? Our IntelliJ extension will check your code as it's written. Are you a data scientist working in Python notebooks? Our Chrome integration will check your code and highlight issues in real-time as you type. Are you reviewing a pull request on GitHub? Our Chrome extension will highlight any issue in the code changes section, giving you confidence the new code is safe and accurate.

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We never store or use your code to train or improve our system.

Automate your code reviews

Codiga automates your code reviews on GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket. Anytime a developer creates or updates a pull request, Codiga instantly analyzes the new code and highlights any issues directly on their code review interface. Analyze and approve each code change before it is deployed in production and merge it with confidence with Codiga.

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Define your own rules

There is no single code analysis tool that fits the needs of every developer or team. Every developer or team has their own rules and style. Codiga allows you define your own code analysis rules, share them and lets you reuse the one you love. No need to write code to define your rules. Create and share code analysis rules with our web interface. Only available for Javascript and Python.

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Analyze your codebase

Want to get an overview of all issues on your codebase? Connect your GitHub repository with our GitHub App and get insights and a complete report of your code quality in seconds. Our code dashboard highlights code violations, code duplicates and complex code in one single dashboard.

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We support more than 10 languages