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Productivity Unleashed

Save more than 3 hours of software development time per week.

Developer collaboration re-imagined

Developers always search for code patterns to reuse. Instead of digging into existing source code for hours, Codiga lets developers share smart code snippets with their team. Developers can create, search and use code snippets directly within their IDE.

By sharing and importing code snippets, engineers find reusable code faster and avoid using outdated code that incurs rework later. Teams that use Codiga save on average 2H per week. Find out how much time and money you can save using Codiga today.

Time Saved (Hours/Month)



using codiga



saved monthly



per month*

* based on a $180K salary per year.

Code Snippets

Stop wasting time looking for code for hours. Create, share and import smart code snippets in your IDE. Share code snippets with your team in a single click.

With Codiga Coding Assistant, developers save, on average 3 hours per week.

Codiga Coding Assistant works for 15 programming languages with VS Code, IntelliJ/JetBrains and Google Chrome.

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Automate Code Reviews

Codiga analyzes your pull/merge requests in seconds. Developers quickly get feedback on their code and address significant issues before asking for a manual review.

Codiga automated code review system flags major design, performance, security, and safety issues. With Codiga, developers develop code faster and ship higher-quality code.

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code analysis error report

Code Analysis

Analyze your code, find security, safety and performance issues in your code in seconds. Find CWE and CVE in your code quickly and get insights to address them.

Codiga gives you feedback on your code in seconds, helps you prioritize the most critical issues and reduces your technical debt.

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