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Coding Assistant: the best Code Snippet Manager

Create, use and share code snippets with your team. Codiga is a code snippets manager that helps developers to produce cleaner code, faster!

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IDE integration with VS Code and JetBrains

Import and share code snippets/recipes from your IDE

Desktop Application for Windows, MacOS and Linux

Read and Organize Code Snippets in your Desktop

Support for 18+ languages

C, C++, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript and much more

Unlimited public snippets/recipes

Create all the code snippets, share them with the world and make them available on the Codiga Marketplace

Unlimited private snippets/recipes

Share code snippets with your team only.

Organization of recipes in cookbooks

Create cookbooks that organize your recipes

Share snippets/recipes with your team

Share private recipes with your team and make sure all developers use consistent, up to date code recipes.

Statistics for snippets usage

Know how many times your recipes are used.

Code Snippets Manager for Teams

Developers always search for code patterns to reuse. Instead of digging into existing source code for hours, Codiga lets developers share smart code snippets with their team. Developers can create, search and use code snippets directly within their IDE.

By sharing and importing code snippets, engineers find reusable code faster and avoid using outdated code that incurs rework later. Teams that use Codiga save, on average, two hours per week. Find out how much time and money you can save using Codiga today.

Time Saved (Hours/Month)



using codiga



saved monthly



per month*

* based on a $180K salary per year.

Works everywhere

Codiga Code Snippets Manager works for 18+ programming languages and 100+ libraries. Codiga Smart Code Snippets lets developers define variables in their snippets that are replaced when snippets are imported into the IDE. Codiga Code Snippets Manager works in VS Code, JetBrains, Google Chrome and has desktop integration for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.


Codiga coding assistant plugins

Code Snippets that match your environment

Codiga only surfaces smart code snippets that are relevant to your environment. When developers search for a snippet, Codiga issues a contextual search and surfaces snippets that match the language and libraries used.

Codiga avoids potential noise and only surfaces what your developer needs, avoiding non-relevant results, and finding what they need in seconds.

Explore Codiga Hub
Importing a code snippet


Developers across the world share smart code snippets on the Codiga Hub. The Codiga Hub is a smart code snippet search engine where developers can share code snippets and are rewarded for their activity in the community.

With more than 10,000 code snippets shared on Codiga, developers find relevant code snippets within seconds and focus on what matters most: deliver great, maintainable code.

Codiga code snippets hub
Codiga code snippets hub

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