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Startup Program

Starting a new company is hard and software development velocity is everything. Codiga has your back with special offers for your software development team.

What is the startup program?

The Codiga startup program offers all Codiga features for 20% off the regular price for 12 months. It includes both of our flagship products:

  • Coding Assistant: do not waste time looking for reusable code patterns. Your developer find reusable code from your team within seconds, directly in their editor.
  • Code Analysis and Automated Code Reviews: flag coding errors within seconds before deploying in production.

Teams that use Codiga saves on average 2H per engineer per week.

What are the conditions?

  • Your company must be an early-stage startup, created in the last 5 years.
  • You must have less than 100 software developers.
  • Your company must be paying its subscription through our online portal.

How to redeem this offer?

startup pricing for code analysis and coding assistant

Using the discount is very easy: all it takes is just a few clicks:

  1. Go in your team preferences
  2. Click on Manage Subscription
  3. In the checkout page, enter the code STARTUPS20

The discount applies whether you choose a monthly or annual payment.

If you encounter any issue while using our discount code, do not hesitate to reach out directly!